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You can order your transcript online, through IU's Fax/Mail/Email Signature system, or in person. Please note:  if you have a form that needs to be attached to your transcript, you must order using Fax/Mail/Email Signature.

If you are ordering a transcript to be picked up at your local campus Office of the Registrar, and you also want to order either mailed or PDF transcripts, you will need to place a separate order for the local pick up.

Please note:  Transcript refunds will only be issued if we are unable to produce a transcript for which we have already received payment.  Fees are not refunded for incomplete requests.

  • Order Online

    Online purchases are made securely via credit card purchasing from PayPal. If you are currently enrolled at an IU campus, you may also have the option of billing transcript charges to your bursar account.  If PayPal is not available in your country please order using the Fax/Mail system.

    Current Students

    Current or recent students who have active IU computing accounts and know their username and passphrase can order using the buttons below.

    Current IUB students, order online here

    Current IUPUI and IUPUC students, order online here

    Current students at all other IU campuses, order online here

    Former Students

    Former students (last attended 1965 or later), you can also order online! Please note that you will be asked to answer a series of questions to verify your identity. After two unsuccessful attempts, you will be locked out of the transcript request system for 30 days. You still can request your transcript using our Fax/Mail system.

    Former students - last attended 1965 or later, order online here

    If you last attended IU before 1965, you are encouraged to call our Transcript Information line at 812-855-4500 prior to placing an online ordering request. Requests of this nature require special review, so ordering by fax or mail will better meet your needs (see below).

    Former students - last attended before 1965, order online here

    IPFW Students (Current and Former)

    IPFW students can order an official IU transcript through our Fax/Mail system.

    IU School of Medicine Graduates

    Please complete an IUSM Graduate Records Request Form.

  • Order By Fax/Mail/Email Signature

    Ordering transcripts by fax or mail is a two-step process.

    Step 1:  You begin by providing your identifying information and transcript request details. You will be given the opportunity to review/edit your request before proceeding to the payment options. FedEx delivery incurs additional costs for expedited service. (See table below for details.)

    Step 2:  VERY IMPORTANT Since your signed authorization is required before your transcript can be issued, you must print the authorization page, sign it, and submit it by email, fax, or mail to our office before we can begin processing your request. We are unable to accept electronic signatures at this time. A physical signature is required. Please note:  if we do not receive your authorization page within ten business days, your request will be cancelled with no refund.

    Please remember to include any forms that need to be attached to your transcript.

    Order a transcript by Fax/Mail/Email Signature

  • In-Person Orders

    To order in person, please visit your campus's Office of the Registrar.

    Please note:  in-person transcript ordering is not available at the Columbus campus.

  • Third Party Requests

    Please complete a Third Party Transcript Request form, including student's signature. We must have signed authorization from the student to release his or her transcript to you.

    NOTE:  We are unable to accept electronic signatures at this time. A physical signature is required.

  • Unofficial Transcripts

    You must be a current or recently enrolled student to view your unofficial transcript. To view your unofficial transcript go to One.IU, search for “unofficial transcript," and launch the task. Former students will need to order an official transcript through our eTranscript request service or through our Fax/Mail service.

What information is on your transcript?

Please visit our Transcript Information page for details regarding what is shown on your transcript.


The cost of an official transcript depends on the delivery method you choose.

Note:  If you are a current or recently enrolled IU student, we recommend you review your unofficial transcript through One.IU to ensure it is up to date.

Number of transcripts per recipient 1 10 10
Cost per transcript $10 $15 $35 Domestic / $55 International
After you submit your order, you should receive your transcript within...* Same or next business day. Transcript will be available for 45 days. Mailed within 1-2 business days. Received up to within 10 business days for U.S. addresses, longer for international addresses Shipped within 1-2 business days, generally delivered within 2-4 business days, depending on your location. See for more information

*Some records may require a one-time validation before a transcript can be submitted, which can take up to one business day to finalize.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (812) 855-4500 or email us at